Buying Plantation Shutters Polk County?

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Here is a few things to consider if your shopping for plantation shutters:


  • Polycore doesn’t  absorb moisture.
  • Polycore never needs to be repainted.
  • Polycore components’ aluminum is CO-EXTRUDED—NOT INSERTED after extrusion.
  • Polycore louvers’ aluminum core makes them as straight as an arrow allowing us to make 36” panels with no sagging or warping.
  • Polycore panels feature co-extrude aluminum in louvers as well as stiles and rails.
  • Polycore panels feature a “Bullet Proof Engineering” using the industry’s toughest screw and bolting system.  Polycore uses 3” screws to attach the stile to the rails creating a stability no other shutter can offer.
  • The staples in Polycore shutters are epoxy coated actually gluing themselves to the tilt rod and louvers upon entry.
  • Polycore shutters are more durable and resistant to the environment. They can be installed in places that wood shutters can’t such as bathrooms, kitchens sinks, or other humid or hot environments. If they are subject to weather (for example, if you forget to close the window in a rainstorm) they will not be damaged.
  • Polycore shutters offer an option to use Stainless Steel hinges and staples for any moisture application eliminating the issue of rust. (Surcharges apply.)
  • Polycore shutters Hidden Tilt option is a powder coated aluminum rod that extends down the backside of the louvers. The aluminum rod will not become brittle in the sun as plastic ones do.
  • Ploycore is fire retardant. Because of their V-O fire rating, only “poly” shutters can be installed in a commercial building over three stories. (V-O is the best rating you can have.)
  • Polycore can be cleaned easily using a magic eraser or a soft cloth with orange cleaner or mild soap without the paint finish being damaged.
  • Polycore shutters use a European paint technology using a water-borne paint. The paint is 100% LEAD FREE and Ultra Low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Polycore doesn’t harm the environment because it is 100% recyclable. Polycore only uses a prime virgin PVC.
  • Polycore is termite proof.
  • Ploycore shutters offer specialty shapes and arch top panels using number of frame options.
  • Polycore shutters are GREENGUARD certified.


  • Lexwood shutters are 100% Basswood.
  • Lexwood shutters are finished with our glass finish. This creates a very smooth, light sheen finished shutter. Since  Lexwood shutters also have the ends of the louvers finished and insides of stiles finished the ability to absorb moisture is slowed.


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