Plantation shutters Lakeland Fl

When shopping for plantation shutters, keep in mind that there are different types of material that they can be made of. Wood, Vinyl, composites. We will discuss each so you can make a decision based on some facts.
Wood shutters have come a long way over the past decade. Most companies will try to steer you away from wood shutters because they will say they will warp and are not durable. We sell one name brand wood shutter made by Ohair that is just as durable than our poly shutters. They are guaranteed not to warp and the louver blades have pins that are the same wood as the louver. This means no plastic pins holding them in. In the past plastic pins were used that typically get brittle from the sun and tend to break. We can make wood panels(doors) up to 52″ wide!! Ohair mills and produces their own wood. They use a technique to make their louvers that guarantees no warpage. This means less framing and more view out your window. Wood shutters from Ohair take typically 5-6 weeks for production. Many different colors and custom paint are available with wood shutters.
Vinyl shutters are very durable and can be made fast. They typically have hollow louvers and limited colors. Vinyl shutters are made of the same material that your car dash is made of. So they can handle extremem heat and UV rays. They have a plastic look and can be made in about a week. Vinly shutters can only be made for square windows and are not available in arch top panels.
Composite shutters and be made of a few different mediums. One we feel is inferior and one is what we think is the best on the market. MDF shutters are made out of a combination of wood fibre board with a plastic covering. Colors are typically limited. This product cannot get wet and care needs to be taken with what its cleaned with. Polycore shutters is the type of shutter that we recommend when it comes to a poly or faux shutter. It has aluminum re inforced rails and louvers. This makes this product super sturdy and panels can be made up to 36″ wide. Water or moisture will not harm this product. So its ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior porches. We can also make specialty shapes and arch top panels with polycore. Manufacture time on polycore shutters and arches is approx 3 weeks. This is our most popular plantation shutter.
Hopefully this info helps out in your decision making while shopping for plantation shutters. If you would like a free estimate, please do not hesitate to call us.